🔐Decentralized password manager for teams on Blockstack

🔐 BLOCKVAULT is a decentralized alternative to 1Password. Keep your passwords and credit cards secured with the power of Blockstack.

- Secure: runs exclusively on your device

- Decentralized: you control where your data is hosted

- Encrypted: your data is encrypted with keys that only you hold

- Shareable: be sure only your teammates have access

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Hi Product Hunt 👋😺 I started building BLOCKVAULT during the #24hrstartup Challenge a couple weeks ago. The product wasn't quite ready for launch at the time due to time restrictions, but it sparked some interest. The wait is over, it's finally ready for your try now! You're now wondering what makes BLOCKVAULT different from all the other password managers? The short answer is: it's enhanced by the power of Blockstack. Blockstack is a suit of tools to build DApps that offers 3 major advantages: Authentication, Encryption and Distributed Storage. On the Blockstack ecosystem users keep a single universal identity (a combination of username and key) registered directly on Bitcoin’s blockchain. All data associated with that identity stays with it, this means applications or central authorities do not keep or control access to your data. On top of that, users decide where to store their data and which applications can read or write to your. This makes BLOCKVAULT: ▲ Secure: the app runs exclusively on your device (client-side). There are no central servers that can be hacked or breached. ▲ Decentralized: you control where your data is hosted. We do not store or replicate user data. ▲ Encrypted: your data is end-to-end encrypted with keys that only you hold. ▲ Shareable: be sure that only you and your teammates have access to your passwords and logins. Give it a try and fire away any questions you may have in the comments. Thank you for the support ❤️ Bruno
@brunohq please educate me. If I have just one physical place - there will be no backup if I lost the device, right? Also I have to have both devices with an app open to sync 100%? Or the vault located in iCloud but encrypted?
@vladkorobov thank you for your question! The storage should always be accessible. Blockstack allows you store your data on the storage provider of your choice (Dropbox, Google Drive, S3, IPFS) or setup your own. Either way, your data is encrypted-decrypted on your browser with your key, before being sent to the storage provider. Regarding backups, right now, there are no automatic backups, but Blockstack has plans to let users set up a second storage provider as a backup. Did I answer your question?
Our company will begin using this as soon as the "This is an ALPHA version, for testing purposes only. Please don't store any critical data yet" portion of the site is gone and it's ready to go :)
@hanyoon wow, that's great to hear! A production-ready version of BLOCKVAULT will be available very soon. Thank you, Han.
Some bugs / feature requests: - I can't seem to delete logins/passwords that I want to get rid of - Ability to rename "Vaults" - Clearer instructions on how to share the vaults with my employees - Also -- can't seem to figure out how to get to the dashboard as seen in the third photo. Can't wait to see the product grow!
@hanyoon thank you for your suggestions! What you're seeing right now, is the old layout. Expect a deploy with the new layout (screenshots) later this week.

Very promising initial version


Beautiful, distributed and secure


Lack of apps and browser extensions

Welldone @brunohq... This is really cool
@eben_gabriels appreciated, Eben! 🙌