ICOs have raised over $3.2 billion in 2017, and are hiring like crazy.

Search available positions from all major blockchain companies to find the right place to jump start a career in cryptos.

Lewis Q
David Hehenberger
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  • Pros: 

    It's SO comprehensive and the best aggregator I've seen in this space. It will help thousands get great jobs/companies find great talent.


    A bit too traditional job board-y so far. Looking forward to BlockRepublic growing this and their other services in the future.

    I personally know the founders and they are very experienced, intelligent, and trustworthy individuals that have true drive to make a positive difference in blockchain/crypto.

    Noah has used this product for one day.
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Oscar Jesionek
Oscar Jesionek@oscarjes · Maker in the making
I've seen a few crypto/blockchain job boards on here but this one is by far the most advanced one: shows location of jobs, many filtering options, etc. Definitely better than the ones that simply aggregate jobs with the word 'blockchain'. Good job Tom!
Wow this is pretty damn great. Blockchain is the future in so many ways, and it's nice to see quality infrastructure being created in this space. It is currently such a buzzword that lots of haphazard products and ideas are being put out there within the last few months... And now here comes BlockRepublic with an amazing founder and no doubt many amazing products coming soon too. Awesome site and solid team around it. Will definitely be a regular user, especially interested in the private ICO deals!
Alexander Isora 🦄
Alexander Isora 🦄@alexanderisora · Founder @ Unicorn Platform.
Well done, @thomas_howard1! I've added the project to https://github.com/coinpride/Cry... P.S.: This page http://blockrepublic.io/browse-c... is empty 🤔 (OSX Sierra, Latest Chrome).
Tom Howard
Tom HowardMaker@thomas_howard1 · Founder @ BlockRepublic.io
@alexanderisora thanks for adding! Working on fixing the broken page 😳
James Walsh
James Walsh@mr_j_walsh · Get press coverage - prumio.com
Brilliant aggregator!
Andrej Kiszling
Andrej Kiszling@dorsian · co-founder at Minty
Very cool! Can I find there also ICO marketing pro's?
Tom Howard
Tom HowardMaker@thomas_howard1 · Founder @ BlockRepublic.io
@dorsian that sounds like a great idea for our next product! Meanwhile, I can connect you with some, message me here: http://blockrepublic.io/contact/