Blissfully On/Off Boarding

Give new hires every app they need. Undo when they leave.

Speed up your ramp times by giving new hires access to every app they need immediately. And in just a few clicks, you can be confident that employees who leave no longer have access to apps or critical data.

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Ariel Diaz
Ariel DiazMaker@arieldiaz
As Hunters know best, there are always new apps and switching to the best tool gives you an advantage. That creates chaos for IT - trying to keep an inventory of all the tools in use across their company. A year ago, we launched our initial product to automatically detect and track all the SaaS apps within a company. We've since helped hundreds of companies gain visibility into their SaaS spend and usage. But, people change just as often as their apps. Today we're excited to launch Onboarding and Offboarding functionality. You can easily give your new hires access to all the apps they need on day one. And when someone leaves, be confident that they will no longer have access to apps or data. We hope you like it :) Happy to answer any questions.
Pranav Sachdev
Pranav Sachdev@pranav_sachdev1
This looks really interesting. Congrats guys!
Greg Ratner
Greg RatnerHiring@gregratner · Co-Founder, CTO @
Big fan of this product! Really helps to automate away the headaches of onboarding and offboarding and frees up more time for growing the business!
Elizabeth S Hunker
Elizabeth S Hunker@elizabethhunker ·
Brilliant - peace of mind for both onboarding and offboarding. @arieldiaz @jelder @nick_loura @ben_legman @aaronwhite @johnilquezada
Valerio Neri
Valerio Neri@valerioneri · Generalist / IT & Processes
I like the idea of automatic SaaS discovery - how does it technically work, with a proxy? Does this solution only work for G Suite customers?
Ariel Diaz
Ariel DiazMaker@arieldiaz
@valerioneri HI Valerio - right now it's for G Suite only. We have a deep integration with G Suite, plus SSO providers, HR systems and accounting platforms to bring in data on SaaS usage and spending. Automatically, and it's updated daily