Automatic SaaS tracking. Effortless SaaS management

Blissfully automatically detects all the SaaS products across your entire company, helping improve security, save money, and simplify management. Get an instant SaaS usage report, for free.

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23 Reviews5.0/5

I love what this team is building. They're making something that provides value to us right away and requires very little work from me. Anyone running a business is looking for one less thing to worry about, and Blissfully has done that with vendor management.


It provides value in a single click


UI could use a little more polish

Blissfully is a cool tool to stay on top of your team's bills, it has helped me consolidate and save on a few different services.
@vinayp10 thanks for the kind words, Vinay!
Looks awesome guys. 1) Did you ever think about making this 100% free if people opt-in to share their data with others? I know Siftery would be interested in that. :) 2) How big are you guys employee wise? I will add you to the SaaS 1000.
@tomblue Hi Tom! It is free! (There's a very robust free tier: certainly for discovering all your vendors/relationships to the extent folks want to share w/ others) - happy to hear about SaaS 1000, will shoot you an email
@tomblue Siftery is actually working on something similar!
@tomblue @aaronwhite Yass! Would like to know more about the free version of this?
Blissfully was founded to help companies manage technology more effectively. Increasingly that means choosing, deploying, integrating and managing SaaS products across the entire organization. In order to achieve this, Blissfully has developed a product that instantly and automatically identifies the SaaS products used across the entire organization, and helps optimize spending, improve security, and simplify ongoing management. We’ve got a powerful free tier (and some premium features). Would love to hear what you think!
@arieldiaz FYI your foot links are pointing at non-SSL links which all redirect to the homepage (about/pricing)
@dshan Thanks Derek! they should all be fixed now :)
I don't think there is anything like this on the market. I believe it will succeed and help many people.
@hrantarzumanyan I thank you for your prediction, and certainly hope it's right :) (Hope isn't quite a strong enough a word - we're actively working hard to make it happen!)
@aaronwhite Hard work is easy noticable. Thanks for the feedback though :)