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Cat NooneHunterHiring@imcatnoone · Founder & CEO, Iris
As an early user and advisor, it's been great to see Blastchat come to life and improve, and it's exciting to see where it's going. Definitely interested to see how communication in general evolves—given how popular of a topic it is these days.
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Clean design: @blastchatbleez I've had the same challenge messaging a large group of my friends at once. Love the idea of Blastchat but ultimately you need all your friends on the app. If your one close friend isn't on Blastchat, it immediately loses its purpose. How are you thinking about this? Is there a reason you can't use Blastchat to message others in mass through Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and other widely used platforms (perhaps there's a technical limitation)?
Jhamar YoungbloodMaker@blastchatbleez · Founder of Blastchat
@rrhoover - Hey Ryan. Great question! I've thought about this many times. But another issue I have with Twitter and Facebook is the fact that your content is ultra public. Meaning there is content like links, pictures, videos or even funny/vulgar text that I can share with my friends that I wouldn't think about sharing on Twitter or FB. And for now I love the idea that this content I blast my friends will be gone after 24 hours and not available forever. I have 100 Blastchat contacts and the experience is different than someone that doesn't and I spend a lot of time thinking how I can change that without ruining the ultimate experience (when all of your friends are on Blastchat). I also have a groups feature. You can create groups based on the content that you want to share. So my groups are, Sports Friends, Rap Friends, Tech Friends, Political Friends and Brodies. So the other day I sent a link of Stephon Curry breaking Chris Paul's ankles to all of my Sports friends and you can imagine what I send my "Brodies". I believe that this content can be different from what's available on many other platforms so I battle with the idea of incorporating Facebook and Twitter. But Great question, I'm always thinking about how to better the experience of users without many contacts. I'm open to hear any cool ideas for this problem; if there are any.
Nick O'NeillPro@allnick · Maker & Marketer
@rrhoover @blastchatbleez I solved this when I built Holler years ago by letting people send external messages. I got a 96% response rate from outbound messages which is incredibly high. Shoot me an email and I'm happy to help: The downside of this approach is that it can burn through your bank account quickly but I also have some strategies for that :) This was what the next evolution of the product would have become so I'm happy to support.
jonasHiring@jnsdls · Yeah, I don't know either.
Another interesting take on chat (& communication in general). I'll have to check this out. :)
Cat NooneHunterHiring@imcatnoone · Founder & CEO, Iris
@sleinadsanoj Agreed! I absolutely enjoy seeing the different approaches to communication these days. The founder is super jazzed about improving the world of how we communicate. And the beauty about communication is that it evolves so quickly, so it's good he's a super determined fella who is up for the challenge. So many people in the space, you definitely have to be.
Jhamar YoungbloodMaker@blastchatbleez · Founder of Blastchat
Thanks for posting Cat. You are awesome and appreciated! Hey Hunters, I am Jhamar (Bleez) and I am the founder of Blastchat. So, I wanted to play tennis one morning and I went to Twitter and Facebook to post "Anyone want to play tennis today?" The post went unnoticed for two days, for these two reasons: 1. There can be so much noise on FB and Twitter at times 2. I have less than a handful of (real) friends that check Facebook and Twitter daily. My other options were to start a big group chat or send this same message to 20+ people. "Yo, want to play some tennis today?". Blastchat allows you to send one message to anyone on your Blastchat contact list and receive individual iMessage or SMS responses. The conversation starts in Blastchat and continues in iMessage. I now have 100 people on my Blastchat Contact list and I can find people to play tennis with much easier now :) There is also a feature called Blastchat Public which allows you to send content to your followers in real time. I am hoping this will rival email newsletters. (I hate signing up to email newsletters and unsubscribing from them). A high school in NJ uses Blastchat Public to send daily homework assignments to students. And a sneaker boutique uses it to send new sneakers and products to their consumers. I plan to one day incorporate all forms of mass communication i.e. job provider to seeker and many more . . . . But this is just the beginning and I have a long way to go! This was just an idea in the fall and now its here. Any feedback or bugs you find, please let me know! Thanks Hunters! Thanks again Cat!!
jonathan@pomajp · founder/ceo,
I am excited about this - and it's very necessary: A+
Jhamar YoungbloodMaker@blastchatbleez · Founder of Blastchat
@pomajp - Thanks Jonathan. Any advice you ever have, send it over!