BlackBerry KEYone

Distinctly different. Distinctly BlackBerry.

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joshua bradley
@airjoshb · Celebrating people, making life better.
Blackberry continues to insist people want a button keyboard and yet no one buys their phones. Dinosaurs doing dinosaur tricks
Adithya Shreshti
@adithya · Founder of Startuposphere
This looks so cool! I just wish this smartphone revives BlackBerry into a brand it was once upon a time. Love the fusion of Android and physical keyboard. Who doesn't love the power of Android and classiness of BlackBerry.
Dimo Trifonov
@denull · Founder of @feeld
Blackberry should have rebranded to something like Black and most importantly should have created something unique beforehand. What's the point of creating the same thing over and over.
Nicholas Sheriff
@nicholassheriff · Founder, Quest
“If the iPhone gained traction, RIM’s senior executives believed, it would be with consumers who cared more about YouTube and other Internet escapes than efficiency and security. RIM’s core business customers valued BlackBerry’s secure and efficient communication systems. Offering mobile access to broader Internet content, says Mr. Conlee, “was not a space w… See more
Jevin Sew
@jevinsew · Rails / iOS developer
Good to see a smartphone with a physical keyboard. Definitely a need for that.