BlackBerry KEYone

Distinctly different. Distinctly BlackBerry.

#5 Product of the DayFebruary 26, 2017
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Blackberry continues to insist people want a button keyboard and yet no one buys their phones. Dinosaurs doing dinosaur tricks
@airjoshb The keyboard, imo, might be the only thing that can save Blackberry at this point. Why would anyone buy a Blackberry? For the keyboard. If it was for anything else, people would buy an iPhone or a Samsung device.
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@ghiliweld it didn't help with their last several iterations of devices. Including their last Android with a slide up keyboard
@airjoshb I agree. I find it odd that BlackBerry is trying to integrate a touchscreen with a keyboard of buttons... what's the point?
@3raxton I think it's odd, like they are designing for their customer 15 years ago instead of for a customer today. Highlighting impact resistant displays and button keyboards.
@airjoshb Because the customers they are targeting do want keys. From a marketing perspective, the keys are the primary selling point. Everything else is assumed. The keys are unique. I don't think this will save them, but it's a very good hail mary.
This looks so cool! I just wish this smartphone revives BlackBerry into a brand it was once upon a time. Love the fusion of Android and physical keyboard. Who doesn't love the power of Android and classiness of BlackBerry.
Blackberry should have rebranded to something like Black and most importantly should have created something unique beforehand. What's the point of creating the same thing over and over.
“If the iPhone gained traction, RIM’s senior executives believed, it would be with consumers who cared more about YouTube and other Internet escapes than efficiency and security. RIM’s core business customers valued BlackBerry’s secure and efficient communication systems. Offering mobile access to broader Internet content, says Mr. Conlee, “was not a space where we parked our business.” In 2009 BlackBerry controlled half of the smartphone market, 2 years after the iphone debuted, and today that number is 0%. Revenue went from 20 billion to 2 billion in under 4 years. Blackberry in its day was on part with Nokia...they had their time ( which was short lived ) but if you read about the history of blackberry and the founders in the very early days. This is 100% Ego driven around being disconnected from the overall consumer's experience and wanting to win with everday people, they do not care about the globe, about building something for the teen, the grandmother and the future.... That's part of why they lost even early on around innovation. It's all part of their history that's why even when they won they lost, they didn't innovate continually around everyday people. That wasn't their big bet. Innovation has no finish line, Steve Jobs said it even Apple has to be committed to continually invest in caring or we will be irrelevant. You can't care about what you don't understand and understanding involves in listening and learning. Blackberry was always, always a company that focused on their initiatives that aligned with a very few core set of the public they never wanted to ever build a device for mass everybody device. One that a variety of people with needs could engage with and enjoy using. That's like companies in tech getting huge amount of funding only building products for the tech community...sounds familiar this level of thinking is still prevalent on many forms here. This is like the Amazon phone it's not a phone/mobile computing device made for consumers it is a device made by a company to primarily push a companies agenda. This "downfall" and disconnect happens regularly in the valley.
@nicholassheriff "regularly in the valley"? Elaborate please.
Good to see a smartphone with a physical keyboard. Definitely a need for that.