Black Friday Sales Livestream

Real-time stream of Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend sales

A live look at sales happening over Black Friday, Cyber Monday weekend. See global sales data from Shopify merchants, buying trends and who in the world is buying the most.

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Erika Strong
Product MKTG @ Shopify
Hi everyone! It’s become a tradition internally at Shopify to visually track the success of our merchants over Black Friday, Cyber Monday (BFCM) - a hugely important time of year for many businesses. This year we’ve taken our map to the next level - meet Shopify’s BFCM Live Data Dashboard! The dashboard shows sales happening in real time around the globe on our new livestreamed map, and throughout the whole weekend we’ll be tracking how many products are selling in certain categories, what U.S. states and cities worldwide are buying the most, and the estimated shipping distance of all these packages combined. Not only is the map mesmerizing to watch, but it also shows how insane this weekend is for the hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs on our platform. Let us know what you think about this year’s dashboard!