BioBase offers you the chance to track, measure and manage your stress.

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How is this product of the day if nobody is able to even sign up? :|
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Their iOS App Store page states: "PLEASE NOTE: THIS APP REQUIRES A USERNAME AND PASSWORD PROVIDED BY YOUR ORGANISATION." Looks like it's not even for individuals, but for organizations/companies?
@geekgirlweb that’s correct. We’re planning a consumer release but we’re not quite ready yet
How can I sign up? How can I purchase the band? No links to do either of these on the site or the app.
Idea is interesting for sure. I however find the website hard to navigate. There are several mentions of the band but no link to buy it. The call to action is 'learn more'. What if I don't want to learn more and just want to purchase it?
@footer fair comment. We need to make it way easier for people to get it but right now it’s for our corporate clients only. We’re trying to make sure we get everything right before going for consumer scale...
Very relevant in today's world full of information overload and anxiety. Wonder if you have any stats on the existing customer or test subjects on what impact the tool has on their everyday life? Slight concern would be that the tool itself would add to the long list of things to do which might have the opposite effect.
Sounds cool...but I'm unable to sign in?