The data tool that Kickstarter deserves

#4 Product of the DayDecember 17, 2018

A data tool for Kickstarter campaigns. Analyze basic stuff like funding and backers, but also get deeper insights like popularity over time, all-time ranking, creator responsiveness and more.

Most loved by beta users: Pace - see how today's funding compares to other days, leave the tab open to see what you've missed.

There's a Chrome Extension too.

  • Nimrod Back
    Nimrod BackCEO/Founder of Pressy & Boogie DIce

    Best tool for retrieving data on Kickstarter campaigns


    No Indiegogo .... yet?

    When you see a successful Kickstarter project, you can NEVER know what’s going on in the background.

    With BiggerCake you can type in any campaign name (or link) and get an instant, beautiful dashboard with data and insights that you can’t find anywhere else. Good luck guys.

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    RED-DOLPHINDistributor for Startup innovations

    very good content / added value


    only kickstarter ? not indiegogo ?

    any possibility to select multiple project and run data analysis, like a complete category or over a certain period of time (based on completion date of projects, like 2017) ?

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Hey there, Yaniv from BiggerCake here. We’ve dedicated the last 5 years to helping crowdfunding campaigners. During this time we've developed internal software to monitor and market Kickstarter campaigns. Now we’ve decided to make some of it public for everyone to enjoy. We've seen quite a few awesome tracking tools, but felt like there could be more data and a better experience, so we created BiggerCake. We’d love to get feedback, bug reports, feature requests, and cake 😃
@ytross This looks great Yaniv, congrats on the launch and building such a useful site. How are you getting this data? Last time I checked, Kickstarter didn't have a public API yet, has this changed? I've been waiting for a long time to get my hands on their API.
@colinwinhall Thanks for the kind words. Kickstarter doesn't have an official API, we collect public data every hour for all live campaigns.
Great tool. Loved it from first sight :) outperforms Kicktraq in both design and data accuracy.
@kalburdzhiev Thanks Ivaylo!
Can’t have better people to create a product like this
This is amazing, in-depth analysis of every Kickstarter campaign. I've personally always considered Kickstarter campaigns as marketing gold, this just helps in giving you deeper insights to decode how it all plays out :) Thanks for making this guys 😄
@findabhilash Thanks for the support! Let us know if you spot and bugs or have feature ideas
Awesome launch! What are some of the Kickstarter projects you've done recently?
@benln Thanks Ben. We've done quite a few. The biggest one this year was Tropic out of Spain ($2.5M on KS and trending towards $4M on IGG). But the boldest this year was definitely Anvanda out of Sweden/US - it was a huge bet that paid off.