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#2 Product of the WeekApril 09, 2019
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Big Think Edge delivers the world's leading thinkers to make you better. Our learning platform gives you the skills you need to succeed in today's world, personally and professionally. Learn better communication, teambuilding, leadership, innovation and more.
Erwin Arifin
Allen Sleiman
Jason Gots
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    Big Think is the herald of new ideas, information, and the big questions.


    I would love to see more ideas about wellness and health.

    I like it.

    Jason Olson has used this product for one year.
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Peter Hopkins
Peter HopkinsMaker@peter_hopkins1 · Co-founder @ Big Think
With Big Think Edge, we hope to make the best mentorship and mentors in the world available to everyone everywhere. What advice would Malcolm Gladwell, Elon Musk or Ariana Huffington give you if you had the chance to sit down with them privately? Find out now via Big Think Edge
Gaurav Shrishrimal
Gaurav Shrishrimal@gaurav_shrishrimal
@peter_hopkins1 @orion_jones1 @jana_roose Congratulations on the product. For people who are not versed with your concept, from website it gets a bit difficult to get a trigger to Sign Up. Specially Indian consumers would love a trial before paying even $5 for a productivity tool. Hope you understand the concerns. Best of Luck, people!!!
Nick Abouzeid
Nick AbouzeidHunterPro@nickabouzeid · Partner @ Shrug Capital
Cool to see big YouTube channels (Big Think has 2.5M subscribers) launch related products (in this case, a Masterclass competitor) to further monetize their community, access, and reach. Reminds me of what @mrsharma & @haris_memon have been talking about for years.
Omar Delawer
Omar Delawer@omardelawer · sds
@mrsharma @haris_memon @nickabouzeid Big think wasn't just a YouTube channel. They had content even before they launched their YouTube presence. Big Think Edge was originally a product designed for the enterprise market and was supposed to be a B2B product originally. Glad they have opened it up to consumers. I'd recommend signing up if you are into lifelong learning, self-improvement/development etc.
Ryan Alx Ibh
Ryan Alx Ibh@ryan_alx_ibh
No free trial? :( I like to get a taste of what I'm about to pay for
Wendy Darling
Wendy Darling@wendy_darling
Big Think Edge is such a great tool to use for both hard and soft skills - brief educational videos that are easy to digest and make everyone a better worker