A digital billboard to promote your startup

Promote your startup on a digital billboard. Out bid other people and get featured on the billboard the next day. The top 3 bidders of each day will get their product ad featured on the billboard the following day for 24 hours.

I think the biggest issue with sites like these is there is minimal incentive for a random visitor to stop by and view the "billboard". How do you plan on addressing this to keep it interesting and worth the bids?
@ryangilbert too true. The only visitors this site will get will be startup owners looking to promote their own thing.
@ryangilbert Great question, this is something we thought about when we first started building bidboard. Our hopes is that we start by keeping product enthusiasts interested by allowing advertisers to offer incentives or discounts for their services. However our end goal is to find ways that are advertisers can reach an outside audience.
Similar to The Button from a few months back. 😆
@rrhoover It was exactly our starting point. 😊 But when we see it stuck on the $40 we turned the idea to a daily one.
i don't understand your idea . why i have to buy it ? how many traffic per day ? and what about audience ?
I think the most interesting thing is the drop off rate. First add: 1200 views Second: 900 Third: 600 I’m sure there’s valuable learnings to be gleaned there somewhere.
@mickc79 this is very interesting to see. A lot of this is set to incentivize you to want to be the top bidder. Specially since the first place bid has a longer show time than 🥈and🥉
Hi there 👋 We’re excited to show off bidboard to the PH community and hear feedback. What my cofounder and I have created is a digital billboard to promote your startup, service or share offers to fellow product enthusiasts. A new bid starts over every day and the billboard goes to the top 3 bidders the following day for the next 24 hours. Ozgur and myself both love to discover new products. So a product like Bidboard just felt natural to make. We started making it just for fun and entertainment. What it has become is a public billboard where any can share their product or other creative things. I’m more excited to see how people will react and use the product. Whether it’s for fun, business or other creative things like wishing someone a happy birthday or maybe a wedding proposal 🤭 Some FAQ: How will you bring people to the site? We hope others interested in product discovery check bidboard out daily. However that’s not our end goal. What we hope to do is find other ways that allow our advertisers to reach an outside audience as well 😉 If I place a bid and get out bid do I get my money back? Yes, only the top 3 bidders get charged. Happy Bidding!!! Why did my ad get rejected? They are a few reasons your bid may get rejected. 1. It contains a website link that links to a malicious or dangerous site. 2. The image and website contains nudity, racism or terrorism. 3. The image used to direct a link is misleading. 4. The bid payment was declined.