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WTFGolden Kitty 2018

The Button is a new take on the million dollar home page, crafted for the modern internet and focused on just one link. Anybody can buy the button and place their own link on it, redirecting everyone who click the button to his / her link.

The link stays on the button until a higher bidder arrives.

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@alexwawl Thank you, kind sir!
For anyone curious how much they made (and how far they still have to go to beat the million dollar homepage). Run this snippet in the console on the page: (function(){ let sum = 0; const bidList = $$('#table-cont tr > td:nth-child(2)'); for(let bid of bidList){ sum += parseFloat(bid.innerText); } alert('Total earned by \n\n$' + Math.round(sum * 100) / 100); })();
@jdegger Almost there 😁
@jdegger Thanks, we actually didn't get a chance to make a query ourselves :)) We'll just use this now. :)
@stefangergely Haha great, I was just really curious
Glad to be sharing the Button to the Product Hunt community along with Stefan. Hunters, let us know what you think and if you like the idea 😁. And feel free to post your project on The Button 😜!
Cool idea, I love the easter eggs in there 😊)

Great advertising tool - for those with a sense of humour


fun, entertaining and.. forbidden. Would you press the button?


none, actually