A podcast for aspiring authors

Each season will follow the path of a debut author, such as Shaz Kahng, former Nike executive who became an indie novelist. Over these seven episodes, we’ll cover every step of her journey, with the aim of inspiring listeners — while also smuggling in tips on writing and publishing.

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    Very professional and informative.


    Only just started

    This is great to get some info about publishing your own book. reedsy dominate the self publishing space so its great that this podcast is coming out finally. Gonna be so prepped for releasing my book.

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  • Alexander Wright
    Alexander WrightSports writer

    Easy to use, great customer support


    None :)

    This podcast is very short and a little dramatic but it still manages to pack in a lot of information and an interesting story to go along with it. Reminds me of Radiolab. Probably really useful for young writers or people in other careers like Shaz who want to switch over to writing

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Fantastic. So glad reedsy are getting into the podcasting space their content is golden for anyone trying to self publish
The Reedsy founders (disclosure I'm an investor in Reedsy) are truly committed to helping indie authors realize their dreams of publishing books. As an author, I know what it's like to go through the experience, and it's not easy! Bestseller is an awesome way of packaging up entertaining and insightful content from super successful people and authors for others that want to audio format. I hope you enjoy it!
Thanks for posting @byosko! Any questions about the podcast, @ricardofayet and I are :)
Great product. Very easy, very instructive and a reactive team.
The team at Reedsy are experts in publishing and have done more than any other company to empower indie authors over the past few years. This new podcast dives deep into the ongoing transformation of publishing and what it means for authors by telling one aspiring novelist's story of making good on his dream.