BenkoDesk 1.0

Run a shared email inbox/helpdesk in Trello

BenkoDesk lets you use Trello for shared/team emails. Connect up a Gmail account to a Trello account and you and your team can easily send and receive emails directly from Trello cards. Replaces things like HelpScout for 1/10 the cost!
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I could really use this for some volunteer run organisations I'm a part of. One of which is already manually creating Trello cards for various emails and I was tasked with creating a much more basic version of this sort of system!
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Hey ?makers, What's new since you last launched on Product Hunt?
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@calum Hey! The last time I put this on product hunt you couldn't actually sign up, I've since gone through the gruelling process of getting the app verified by Google so you can now click sign up without getting a big ugly warning. Also the home page is kind of updated and it has a new logo. The last time was kind of a dry run
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We <3 Benko! It changed the way we think about email and team collab. Great to see the product progressing in leaps and bounds. Go Benko!
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Very timely Ian, we were just looking at gmelius or kayako-inbox. Do you have thought on comparison (I don't think they have trello)
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@djinoz good question, they both do shared inboxes but without the power of a full collaboration platform behind them. The trade-off has always been between "email centric" shared inbox platforms that have sub-par workflow management, or "task centric" CRM/project systems that have sub-par email functionality. BenkoDesk resolves this by giving you a full email client experience that runs directly from within Trello.
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@iaindooley cool. We currently use chatlio for support chat as it makes each customer (by email name) appear on their own slack channel. I think it supports webhooks at certain times/events OR emails the thread to a fixed address. Could we use this to make the shared inbox/Trello the historical record?
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@djinoz Yeah Chatlio is great, if you were to email the thread to a fixed address you could have it as a record inside Trello, yeah. Basically what this does is makes Trello like your Gmail inbox. You could create a "chatlio archive" board, and also have a board for shared emails so you could keep a record of all your support stuff (email and chatlio) in one spot.
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