Bedtime Stories 2.0

The Swiss Army Knife for storytelling

#2 Product of the DayNovember 22, 2018

Bedtime Stories is the Swiss Army Knife for storytelling. Providing all you need to practice your storytelling skills from just reading exciting and empowering stories from authors around the world or telling stories by your own.

  • Johannes N
    Johannes N Dev Lead,

    Access to all stories with just one subscription; story builder which helps to create new stories everyday


    Just for iOS - an Android App would be great

    I'm happily using the new app version since last week; the subscription is great and helps a lot compared to the per-storyworld-payment in version 1.

    Johannes N has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    Diversity in the stories and great stories


    more illustrations and an audio version would be even better

    Various themes from light to a bit more serious. As a parent you can decide on the full story or just take bits and create it yourself.

    Catarina Nordin has used this product for one year.
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Moritz Kobrna
Moritz KobrnaMaker@neuling2k · Developer & Co-Founder @getbedtimestory
Hey hunters & parents, it’s been almost exactly one year since we released Bedtime Stories on Product Hunt. Bedtime Stories is an ever-growing collection of exciting stories written by authors around the world. So far we have had around 15k app installs, 5k active users per month and over 200 positive app reviews on the app store. Today we are super excited to present a major update of our iOS app Bedtime Stories. Last year our goal was to become the Netflix of bedtime stories. Over the time we have learned that it is not enough to provide great stories only. It’s even more important to provide a safety net for rookie storytellers. By adding a handful of new features we are making Bedtime Stories the Swiss Army Knife for storytelling: 🎧 Storytelling School provides FREE podcast-style audio lessons to teach you everything from the basics of storytelling to helpful instructions when telling stories on your own. 📚 Instead of buying single stories you can now enjoy full access to our ever-growing library of stories with a single subscription. 🚂 Over the last year we’v added over 20+ empowering and diverse storyworlds containing at least 5 episodes each. 🎨 Last but not least a fresh new look both for our app and website. Bedtime Stories is a 100% bootstrapped app that we are solely building in our free-time. This launch is hopefully a big step towards a sustainable revenue stream so we can spend even more time on this project. We are here the whole day to answer your questions and would love to see you in our app. Cheers, Martin, Miso & Moritz
Kitze@thekitze · Founder of React Academy
@neuling2k Congrats on the launch! The design is amazing 🎊️
Kitze@thekitze · Founder of React Academy
The design and the UI of this app is so smooth it makes me want to make at least 7 kids so I can read them stories 24/7 😂️Amazing stuff.
Moritz Kobrna
Moritz KobrnaMaker@neuling2k · Developer & Co-Founder @getbedtimestory
@thekitze Congrats @crtvhd, you are now not only resposible for our design but also for at least 6 of 7 Kitze's children!
MartinMaker@mrtnpro · Designer by day, developer by night
Thanks @thekitze, appreaciate the feedback 😍
Kishore@prakis ·
How can I not upvote this. Android app please.
Moritz Kobrna
Moritz KobrnaMaker@neuling2k · Developer & Co-Founder @getbedtimestory
@prakis Thanks 🙌 Yes, the app is written in React Native so in theory porting the app to android should be possible. Its just a matter of time and priorities.
Franz Dumfart
Franz Dumfart@franz_dumfart
I love this app!!! 🥰
Calvin Claus
Calvin Claus@calvin_claus · Maker
Such a step up from last year! Congrats guys! <3