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Hey Product Hunters - were excited to be here and looking forward to your feedback! We've created a special promo code "Product Hunt" that will save you 10% on your first backing! So get out there, give us a whirl and we'll be happy to deliver smiles (beer) to your front door!
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@adamleidhecker Thanks Adam, great name! :)
Now I like this idea! 🍻 I'm assuming that home-brewers can get some pre-orders of their next batch which is cool. I've known people to be very willing to try different beers but also have loyalties to certain brewers. This gives people a fair chance and also individuals (or teams) to experiment a bit which is awesommmeeee.... However. Went on to the site and it still seems like it's loading (10 mins later). So not sure if content on the site is making it really slow or my internet, but other sites seem to be ok. Also I feel that this needs to be more visual. It would be awesome to see pictures of the brewers, their kit, their setup etc. I'd be more likely to back someone if I heard their story and can visualise it. The review system would be cool if it were just from members of the site. But that can come while it grows. @AdamRivette tell us more :)
@bentossell i think its not the internet! they have to many images or displayed beer per page! the concept is realy nice!! love it
@bentossell Thanks Ben - it's definitely an idea you can drink to! A little about us, we're a crowdfunding platform for delicious craft beers and we are currently focused on working with established brewers that are tough to find locally. The homebrewing scene is where most of the "greats" got their start but we're not in that space yet! As we exist currently, people can back campaigns for the beers they want delivered and go one step further by voting for beers they want to see featured in the future. In short, we put this together because we felt people should be able to rally around the great beers they want to experience. If a beer campaign gets enough interest, we work with partners to place orders and get the beer delivered to our campaign backers. For those that want impressive beers sent to their office or home from month-to-month, it's easy to sign up for a subscription and we take care of the rest! Thanks for the quick feedback - I completely agree with you that visualizing the breweries is an important part of the backing process -we do our best to chat with our featured brewmasters and tell some of their story on the brewery page. Still plenty of room for improvement there and we'll look into how we can highlight more of their story and kit moving forward. Also a good call on the internal review system! Coming out the gate we've defaulted to the major rating communities so people can get a sense of where the beers are landing reputation-wise and we also have some established beer reviews people can check out if they click the more info button on a beer. A lot of us are interested in tasting delicious and complex beers from around the country but there is often no way to do so without traveling to a specific brewery's region. The Barrel Backers platform is designed to get you involved and bring some of these great beers to your doorstep. Always great to have new folks joining the community and telling us which beers they want to see featured in the future. I'm digging into the load-time issue now and we're excited to be Hunted!
@jrdbacosta @bentossell Thanks João - it's image heavy for sure! I always get thirsty whenever I hit that page :) We're working on ways to speed things up with some pagination and improved design in the near future. Glad to hear that you love the concept - thanks!
This is awesome! Love that you highlight the ratings from Untappd, BeerAdvocate, and RateBeer. Those are helpful guides...have you ever thought of combining them into one big meta-rating system? thx @lylemckeany!
@lauralynnz That's a pretty cool idea and a new way of looking at things. I like the way that sounds but I also wouldn't want to lose the path to their rich collection of reviews. They've all been around for years so there's a ton of great comments there. I wonder if there is a cool way to do both!
Now this I can get behind. Love it!
@thejournalizer Love the enthusiasm Elliot, we're always excited when new people discover and hear about what we're working on!
I have personally backed a couple barrels and even enticed a few friends to get in on the fun. Is, and was, a great way to be able to try some beer that is not easily accessible here in northern Idaho. Also, it allowed us to have an excuse to have a tasting party to try out the beer we had backed.