The ultimate computer glasses

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Barner 2.0 is high quality and stylish eyewear to protect your eyes from harmful Blue Light of digital devices. It will provide you a better sleep and a healthier life.


Oleg Gavryliuk


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Evan Kimbrell
Evan Kimbrell@evankimbrell · Founder, Sprintkick
Is there a difference between this and Felix Gray?
Oleg Gavryliuk
Oleg Gavryliuk@zodios · SEO @ Aweb
Hi, Is it possible to adjust lenses for myopia ?
Abadaya Stayne
Abadaya Stayne@abadaya_stayne
Hi! I've wore glasses Burner, but eventually I realized that the lenses in any case better than glasses because they are convenient. I use lenses this company, because they are the highest quality and comfortable!