Baremetrics for Apple App Store Connect

Subscription analytics & insights for Apple's app store

Get subscription analytics and insights for your Apple App Store Connect account!
If you sell subscriptions inside your iOS app via in-app purchases, Baremetrics can now give you the business insights you need to grow!
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Over the years one of the most requested data connections for Baremetrics has been the mobile app stores. Most companies don't have all of their revenue data in one place, especially those with mobile apps, so it's been hard to get a full picture of MRR, LTV, churn, growth, etc across your whole business. We've had support for Stripe, Braintree and Recurly for years and now we're adding Apple's App Store Connect as a new data source! So, if your company accepts subscription payments via in-app purchases in the App Store, we've now got you covered! And if you've got some payments coming in via the App Store and others via, say, Stripe...we've still got you covered! Connect as many data sources as you'd like! See all of your subscription analytics in one place with Baremetrics. Start a free 14-day trial now!
@shpigford Congrats on the launch!
@nathanbarry Thanks Nathan!
We've been using Baremetrics for the past (5? months) and it's really one of the best platforms when it comes to analytics of your SaaS. It's our command central that I'm visiting everyday to understand our efforts and what's happening at the moment. Josh and the Baremetrics Team are working super hard to build an excellent product and for that they have my full support. Good luck on the launch!
@vladcalus Thanks so much, Vlad! Stoked to have you guys!
YES. Thanks so much @shpigford. I've been wanting something like this for years as there really isn't a tool that will give you this level of detail on App Store subscriptions
@mronge Yay! Thanks Matt!
Great work Josh & Team. This is a great step for Baremetrics as a company, branching into other areas, further diversifying the Baremetrics offering to allow users to measure various financial stats in one place. It's so exciting that you didn't stop at Stripe, and this opens a whole new avenue.
@thejackellis Thanks for the comment, Jack!