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Balsamiq is by far the best wireframing tool I've ever used. Excited to have a play with this update!
I used Balsamiq a lot back in the day. Lately I use physical paper + Keynote for rough wireframing, and Sketch for more detailed stuff — also I'm using Polymer w/ Paper Elements in apps now, which has a designer that lets me lay out controls. Just downloaded this beta and played with it — don't think it can find a role in my toolbox.
Balsemiq was the best but they massively dropped the ball in keeping up with market needs. I have been pretty disappointed for the past several years. I'm stoked to see a new version but the fact that the website is still dogshit and not mobile optimized doesn't have me feeling too confident the new version is much improved. They seem to be living in 2004.
The most noticeable changes are support for projects (bundled files, multiple windows) and getting rid of the property inspector.
I regularly use Balsamiq for flowing the web copy I write for clients into wireframes. A couple years ago, I switched to Keynote for lightweight mockups, but with the latest, frustrating updates to iWork, I ran right back to Balsamiq. It's a tool that does what it does simply and well. Love it.