Background Music

Control the audio on your Mac apps from the menu bar

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I have been waiting my whole life for this.
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@roberthpaige have you been waiting for this moment for all of your life.
silence, iMessage. Silence!
Looks like a great solution! Will there be a compiled .dmg of this? I'm afraid I'll install it and forget to keep it updated.
How to install: 1) Press the "Download Zip" button on the left upper corner in Github. 2) Unzip the files. 3) Move the files to the Desktop. 4) Open Terminal. 5) Paste and press enter: cd Desktop 6) Paste and press enter: chmod +x 7) Paste and press enter: ./ 8) If a password is asked, put it in and it should start installing.
@ogirginc I didn't succeed even with this...
@jonathannabais @ogirginc after you go into "cd Desktop" you have to then go into "cd BackgroundMusic-master" ... if that helps.
Can someone make this a .dmg file?