B12 Website Editor 2.0

Simple to use, AI powered website builder💥


B12’s new website editor is the best of both worlds: powerful enough for web experts to create bespoke website designs, while simple enough for customers to edit various parts of their website in just one click. Our goal is to create a website editor you’ll actually use.

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Mark Whiting
Ognjen Divljak
John Delavera
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  • Pros: 

    excellent human salesmen team to grab your deposit


    non existent customer service, probably AI based

    A Terrible experience, after they signed you up and got your money, you are at your own.

    Nothing has been build. But they declined to return payments.

    Don't be a victim of scam.

    River M has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    nothing to like


    Primitive, obsolete templates used.

    Not recommended if you want to build a professional website. Perfect for Garage Sale or Worms selling shops. Impossible to get a refund. Terrible, not creative designers, with "I Don't Care" attitude. AVOID>AVOID >AVOID THIS SCAM

    River M has used this product for one month.
  • Andrey Romanov
    Andrey RomanovCommunication & Digital Strategist

    Good sales team, friendly -- definitely good at getting people signed up with a deposit. Of course, that's about all the pros there are.


    No phone number to reach the customer service team -- have to email ahead and schedule. No reply - no scheduled phone call.

    Out of the $300 paid initially, only $75 were refunded. When asked to return that remaining $225 that, they claim, were used for "design work" they stopped responding completely.

    Andrey Romanov has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    nothing whatsoever!


    Glitchy, buggy, and very limited

    The preview of the site is poor quality. Looks awful and you can tell it needs a lot of tweaking. Once you get into the design editor, you're extremely limited at what you can do. You can only left align, right align or center photos and text. There's no way to just bump it over a little bit. Then the whole system is buggy. I tried to change images and sizing in multiple areas with not results. When I contacted customer support they said they could make the changes I needed but at a cost of $75 an hour! That's the trick right there. they make it nearly impossible to edit yourself and then charge you to do it. Also they charge you monthly for the site even if it isn't live yet. on any other DYI site builder you can build your site to completion and then when you're ready to go live you pick a subscription and start paying for it. I gave them 2 projects to work on and they failed miserably at both. I'm a fair guy. I thought maybe the first job was a fluke but they churn out crap every time! It doesn't look good, they promise you the moon in order to get you to purchase the software and then after you purchase they tell you their software can't do it. then continuously charge you even when the site isn't live and issue no refunds whatsoever. I hate this company and all they stand for. May God have mercy on their crooked souls

    Chad M Hubert has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    They are great at selling their technology


    -Awful designers -Slow customer service -Cookie-cutter design interface -No refunds

    Don't go with this company. They will sell you on 'AI' technology and in-house designers who charge hourly and deliver total garbage. Their designers basically change colors around in pre-existing templates - I could've done this in 20 minutes. Yet they wasted 4.5 'design' hours and hundreds of dollars on a generic looking website that would've made my company look totally unprofessional. When I asked for a refund, I was told it's 'company policy' NOT to give refunds, which is a smart policy to have when operating a bad service. Customer service requires you schedule 30 minutes vs. just call/email when you really need them. Scam. Do yourself a favor, go to 99designs and get WAY better results.

    Jeb Thomas has used this product for one week.
  • Jeshua D
    Jeshua DReviewer

    Great at getting you to sign up


    Stole my money and disappeared. Never delivered on any promises, and can not contact them after you pay.

    I gave them hundreds of dollars and literally got nothing. I do NOT recommend doing business with b12!

    Jeshua D has used this product for one week.