Intelligent websites via people-powered AI

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Isn't "people-powered AI" an oxymoron?
@chrismessina Thanks for bringing up this question, since that's what we care most about! It's common to portray AI in a way that pits humans against machines (e.g., http://www.oxfordmartin.ox.ac.uk...). In practice, AI isn't automating away entire jobs, and is instead augmenting human capabilities in a way that's a lot closer to Englebart's original vision (http://www.dougengelbart.org/pub...). Especially for areas of expertise like design that challenge human creativity and analytical capabilities, AI can augment work by reducing rote/repetitive labor, but human expertise is still critical. Our approach to solving these problems is based on human-assisted/people-powered AI that allows humans to shine while getting the boring redundant work out of their way. We automate the frustrating parts of staffing, process management, and QA through our open source work platform Orchestra (http://orchestra.b12.io/). We also automate some of the design scaffolding that's common to most web design projects through our proprietary algorithmic design that takes a first pass at designs before our expert designers take over and iterate from there. I hope that helps clarify things---we're excited about teams of experts that are empowered by AI, rather than pitting the two against each other.
Hi, I’m Adam, the CTO and co-founder of B12! We are a New York-based, people-powered A.I. startup that designs, builds, hosts, maintains, and updates unique, intelligent websites for small to mid-sized business. Beyond our first web design offering, our larger mission is to help people accomplish more at work by using A.I. to handle and automate the tedious and repetitive tasks while allowing skilled experts to focus their attention where it matters most.
The websites you've created are beautiful. Incredible to think that they were created by a combination of AI and designers, and for such a low price. There are so many awful websites out there, the Internet really needs you guys!
@adelynzhou Thanks for the kind words!
Another developer here! Happy to answer questions.
as a freelance web developer, this is kind of scary.