B12 Bookings

Bookings scheduling software that integrates with your site

It's 2019, but a surprising number of businesses still don't let you book online. B12 bookings is scheduling software that makes it easier than ever to accept bookings directly on your website.

AI seamlessly designs a booking experience to match your website and experts can help you customize it further.

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A little misleading, I thought it's gonna be a popup plugin that allows leads to book appointment on existing website. But it got me through all the process of signing up and a weird survey and generate a generic looking website for me. It's not giving me what I want. I drop off.
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Hi @davidyapdy, B12 bookings is available directly through the signup flow you saw. Algorithms automatically add bookings to your website when relevant, or you can add it manually under "Appointments" in the website editor. We also have design experts who can set up bookings for you. Because the majority of our users want to integrate bookings into their web presence, we generate a full website during onboarding. If you want a bookings-only page, you can hide or remove any extra pages we build for you. As we receive feedback on the product, we’re interested in additional ways to make B12 bookings available to customers! Thanks for your comment 💥
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@davidyapdy I agree, I was very confused as well... I got to the website part and just stopped and went back to the b12 homepage and saw that its a AI website builder site and no mention of any calendar options anywhere. Just Draft an AI website today.
@davidyapdy @katelyn_gray i was also very confused by this. site seems to suggest its an add-on rather than full website
So fun to see @nbanta & team continue to innovate in this space. It's crazy that people are still building most sites manually, especially when they all end up looking the same. 🤔 Democratizing beautiful web design is a service to us all, enabling SMBs to offer everybody simple and efficient experiences online. Maybe my favorite barbershop will sign up... 👏
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Hi, Product Hunt! Today we’re excited to announce B12 bookings, the newest way to connect with customers directly on your website. Native online scheduling was our customers’ top integration request and now it’s available! No more messing with code, trying to match the bookings interface to your website, or managing your availability through a third-party tool. B12 bookings makes it easy. Our algorithms automatically set it up for you and make sure it matches your website. Make changes to your bookings section yourself or let a B12 design expert customize it so it’s perfect for your site. Once it’s added, you can easily set and update your default availability details. B12 bookings makes it convenient for you and your customers to cancel or reschedule in case something comes up. You’ll get notified via email as soon as a customer schedules a new appointment, reschedules an existing appointment, or cancels. It’s incredibly simple to add B12 bookings to your website and once you do, its user-friendly interface helps you stay organized as your customer base grows. It’s bookings done the human + machine way. Our goal is for customers to save time, stay organized, and get more conversions on their website. Take a look and let us know what you think! Please leave your questions or feedback below. As part of the launch, we are excited to share an exclusive offer for the Product Hunt community. Get 20% off a B12 subscription now through January 31, 2019 using the code HUNTER. Thanks, Daniela and Kainar
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@daniela_retelny congrats on the launch - the design looks great. I couldn't find an example of the booking experience on the site. Am I missing something? When I clicked "featured customers" I just saw regular websites but not the booking part. Trying to gauge the difference between this and the calendly experience.
Hi @r44d! Here are some examples on B12 customer websites (under “Booking”): - dangarcia.com/contact - nchandypro.com/book-appointment - lindholm-law.com/book-appointment For more details, this article outlines the steps to add bookings to a B12 website and shows images of the bookings interface within the website editor: http://support.b12.io/adding-web... Regarding Calendly, if your web presence uses B12, our bookings solution eliminates the need for another tool plus the bookings interface matches your website! Thanks for your question!
@daniela_retelny gotcha -- so this pop up is you guys right?
@r44d yep, that's the booking modal!
Great tool ! Thanks for sharing with us.
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Couldn't get to where I wanted. I was under the assumption that I will be taken to the tool, but I was made to go through a lengthy process which eventually created a website. Am I missing something?
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Hey @vaibhavsisinty, You can access B12 bookings directly through that signup flow you went through. When relevant, AI will automatically put bookings on your website and if you want to add bookings manually you can do so under "Appointments" in the website editor. We also have design experts who can set up bookings for you on any of our websites. Right now, the majority of our users are looking for bookings as part of their web presence, so we generate a full website as part of our onboarding. If you're looking for a bookings-only page, you can hide or remove any extra pages we build for you. As we get more feedback on the product, we are interested in thinking about additional flows to make B12 bookings available to customers! 💪🏻We appreciate your feedback!
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@vaibhavsisinty @katelyn_gray AI will automatically put bookings on your website? Hmm..... how does it automatically book things for people? If I have a photography business - how would it "automatically" book people for my business? I am confused I suppose... Do you have people who agree to allow to be automatically signed up for calendars or something? How do they pay once they schedule an appointment? I think without being able to accept payments it would be difficult to maintain who schedules and pays and who doesn't?
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Hi @mastemine, AI automatically adds a bookings section to your website (if relevant) so you can update your availability hours and customers can book your services. Here’s an example of B12 bookings on a photographer’s site: dangarcia.com/contact. Adding payments is on our roadmap, and in the meantime, you can continue to use third-party services on your B12 website. Thanks for the question!
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