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I tweeted this an hour ago: I love the internet.
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@rrhoover the articles aren't fake. Nothing can change information.
@tpbtv @rrhoover Paul Joseph Watson throws shade on this "whitelist"
I built this in about an hour yesterday after reading Zuck's BS about not being able to flag fake news sites. Of course you can. It just takes having a spine to call out nonsense. This is just a proof of concept at this point, but it works well enough.
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@selfagency May I ask how do you actually detect questionable sources or simply fake news?
@bluemonk482 I've compiled a list of domains that are well-known sources of fake news, conspiracy theory, innuendo, and unsourced claims. The domains cover the political spectrum from left to right and I have done my absolute best to be impartial in my selections.
@selfagency @bluemonk482 you should let others tag sources too
@afallon02 @bluemonk482 anyone can submit a pull request on github
@selfagency @bluemonk482 not very user friendly / the damage of incorrect news spreads quicker than people can generate PR's. Good work though :)
ME whenever Trump's surrogates are doing an interview:
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✅ Twitter addresses online abuse! ✅ Facebook BS Detector is created! ✅ The WiFi is working!
https://twitter.com/rrhoover/sta... Because of this tweet, I publicly said the thing that was floating in my head that I wanted to make something like this. Then Daniel chimed in to say he'd already done it. This is what PH and Twitter are great for.