Yes its an actual f*cking truck! Also @jeffbarr will build and personally deliver (in exchange for a photo op and a bloggable story) Snowmobile models to the first 5 customers!! From their announcement: "In order to meet the needs of these customers, we are launching Snowmobile today. This secure data truck stores up to 100 PB of data and can help you to move exabytes to AWS in a matter of weeks" Coverage from TechCrunch: Amazon will truck your massive piles of data to the cloud with an 18-wheeler h/t @JohnMannes Some real photos of the process in making the Snowmobile
hah! Wasn't expecting this from AWS. But is really smart. I used to work somewhere that would have used this. Even though you may think of the internet as fast, nothing beats a truck + some harddrives when transferring A LOT of data across the county.
This is really awesome! Love how Amazon is killing it on all fronts.
Just used this - it's terrific. The unit will freak out your mailroom staff, however.