AWS Device Farm

Test your app on real devices in the cloud.

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This product is powerful. It allows users to test on the same devices their customers use, simulate real-world environments, and much much more. The AWS Device Farm is a great tool for any app developer interested in supporting/optimizing for a wider range of devices.
YES can't wait to try it
Hi @mikebronfman, this looks like a great tool ! Do you know how it actually works? Is it on actual physical devices? Simulated? Best, Arthur
@aswiniarski My understanding is that it's actual physical devices. Not emulations.
@aswiniarski yup - it is physical devices. During the keynote they mentioned that they've got 1,000's of them racked.
@rjsamson @turoczy Thanks for the answers :) seems it is on real devices yes !
is there an equivalent (still using real devices) for html5 / webapps?
@nealrs That's a great question - I can't answer that until this product officially "opens its doors".
@nealrs then you can try Testin, which is also an app testing service in the cloud,
If Droid, why no iOS?
@beachedmiami vested interest I guess? Though, I would love this for iOS.
@beachedmiami Fragmentation is less of a problem with iOS. Not to mention sideloading apps on iOS is a lot harder to do as a cloud service.