Your personal assistant on demand via SMS (UK only)

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Hi guys, just a few words about Awesome. It's a text based Personal Assistant and Concierge service powered by Artificial Intelligence and clever operators (actual people!). While there is no such thing as magic ;) we will give you awesome experience. We just opened registrations for our early access launch, that is limited to 1000 places. Please sign up as places go quickly!
My good friends @AlexeyPokatilo & @fperkon are launching eagerly awaited Magic clone in London. The guys have a history of doing interesting Internet products. I've already had a chat with my personal sms assistant. Feels awesome ;)
Is this the new site then?
@mikelholford I believe the one submitted is the latest:
I signed up. It'll be interesting to see what can be done with this.
Great to see this launching soon. Joins a few others already in London like Dispatch (
@syedaliahmed We are already live with early access and serving clients :)