Text message your customers directly from Slack

Avochato is the easiest way to communicate with all of your customers

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Best company name, 5 STARS!
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@brackin literally made me buy avocados.
Very slick demo / product. Have you thought about other forms of messaging (on top of or instead of SMS)?
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@hariananth Thanks for the feedback! Are there any other forms of messaging that you would find compelling @jobr?
@joshharcus definitely an interesting integration in our sights, stay tuned!
Chiming in as an Avochato user for the past 3 months. I launched an app three months ago, and we've been using Avochato to communicate with ~100 or so beta users who can easily send us a text to give product feedback or send a picture of a bug. The Slack integration is awesome, and the new product refresh is too - makes handling these communications a breeze. And people really like being able to just shoot us a text whenever they have a thought (as opposed to email which can feel more formal).
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@bhayyar Thanks for choosing us, Bharat! Glad you're enjoying our service.
Check out this great new tool for communicating with customers via SMS. It integrates with Slack's new threading feature, which makes it really easy to handle all your text convos right through Slack.
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@dyah10 Thanks Dom! Slack's threading feature is great. Our customers are really enjoying the new integration
Cool product, lots of potential for sure, keep it up! Does the product work/integrate with existing support phone numbers? Also, could the SMS messages be segmented for example depending the type of product/service in case the company has multiple?
@juanca It does! We integrate with existing numbers and IVRs, but also offer unique domestic and international numbers. Teams can register multiple numbers for segmenting different departments' or channels' conversations. Conversations in slack are bucketed within threads, so team members can stay up to date with mobile customers without being overwhelmed. Thanks for checking us out!