Avatar SDK

AI-powered 3D avatars from one photo

Avatar SDK is an advanced avatar creation toolkit that uses AI to create photorealistic 3D avatars from selfie photos.


- Automatic engine

- Cloud SDK

- Offline SDK

- Fast processing

- Blendshape facial animations

- Customization

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As a gamer, I think this is incredible. How has PlayStation or XBox or gaming companies not partnered with you to create avatars for their games. This should be the new standard for creating avatars in games: optionally link your facebook or twitter profile image and create an avatar in your likeness in a few seconds. No brainer.
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"We are team of computer vision enthusiasts on a mission to allow anyone look and feel as themselves in a virtual world. By combining hardcore computer vision, deep learning and computer graphics, we've developed a state-of-the- art pipeline - Avatar SDK - that turns 2D photos into unbelievably realistic virtual humans in just a few seconds!"
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Hi Hunters! I am one of co-founders and CEO of itSeez3D, the company behind Avatar SDK. Thanks @gorelics for hunting us! Very excited to share what we have done! We want to reinvent virtual communication, and we started with one of the most difficult problems: avatar generation. Avatar SDK can create an animated recognizable avatar from just one selfie photo! We (as well as our customers) believe this opens a lot of opportunities for multiplayer games, mobile apps, AR and VR! Our killer features are: - recognizable avatar from a single selfie - blendshape-based animations - Hairstyle selection - Fast compute time (under 5s in the cloud, and under 10s on a Samsung S7) Those who register at http://avatarsdk.com will also get access to experimental features, including our 'head' pipeline that reconstructs person's hairstyle (including long hair) and bust! We are really excited to show Avatar SDK to the hunters community and would love to hear your feedback!
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Looks really great!
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