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Great to see competition in this area.
Does this now or will it support sharing groups of passwords?
@nathanpalmer You can share (and sync) the whole account. But not just some of your passwords.
@nathanpalmer I am working on a project called Tillid, tillid.io, based on this specific use case.
@maxence_dalmais @nathanpalmer 1Password allows for the creation of shared "vaults" that can contain specific passwords (and permissions) on those passwords. Just FYI.
@ryanminnick @nathanpalmer thanks for the tips. The problem with sharing password, is that you need to change it when your trainee or any body leave your company.
I would recommend detailing security/encryption implemented on your product site. Anyone that realizes they should be using a password manager should also be looking for an understanding on how that information is secured.
How does this compare to apps like Enpass or 1Password in terms of usability, price, privacy and security?
@tomflemming Avast Passwords is free for all of your devices (including iOS, Android and PC). Privacy and security is in Avast DNA ;)
@tomflemming Do you plan on monetising it in some way?
@hugojmd Yes, we are planning some cool premium functions in the future.
@hellishpm @tomflemming Awesome, please kick 1Passwords butt!!
@praneethrv I'm curious why 1Password has rubbed you the wrong way?
@hellishpm - Great product, tried it and now removed it. I'm very certain that I'll use it again soon. The reason for my removal is the lack of "Import" options from other password managers. I'm using "Dashlane" -- it's my favorite. If you could add a better option to import passwords (at least as CSV files).It will be great for many of the users. Keep up your great work.
@ramkumarhq @hellishpm +1 for Dashlane. Their password changer works like magic!
@arunpattnaik @ramkumarhq @hellishpm i like Dashlane as well but i also really hate subscriptions. im at a point were i accept subscriptions for "services" but Dashlane is an off the shelf software im not willing to subscribe to. im still in the 1password boat and i have no reason to switch as of right now. i do like competition. go avast.
@gopietz @arunpattnaik @hellishpm -- Yeah true, they have a dashlane premium to earn money...but even their free dashlane service is much better than others..:) I love how it pops out and fills the password.. I noticed avast is also similar to dashlane atleast in filling up, I'm definitely moving to avast password manager once they include a better import options... NOTE TO AVAST: PLEASE ADD "IMPORT PASSWORD" FROM OTHER PASSWORD MANAGER, as most of them will be happy to move to avast now...good luck
@ramkumarhq @hellishpm I'm a Dashlane user also. Its pretty great but the $40/year always felt a little extortionary. Switching costs are so high in this category I bet they see very little churn.
@ramkumarhq @hellishpm any specific features you get with Dashlane but not with 1Password? just curious, filling out passwords is essentially at 1passwords core.