Avast Passwords for Mac

Free password manager from Avast

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Tomáš Hellebrand
@hellishpm · Product owner of Avast Passwords
Avast Passwords is now available in the Mac App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/ava...
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Myna Moments
@tomflemming · Chance vs Opportunity
Great to see competition in this area.
Nathan Palmer
@nathanpalmer · Co-founder, CrowdOx
Does this now or will it support sharing groups of passwords?
Ryan Minnick
@ryanminnick · Platform and other things @ taxadmin.org
I would recommend detailing security/encryption implemented on your product site. Anyone that realizes they should be using a password manager should also be looking for an understanding on how that information is secured.
Myna Moments
@tomflemming · Chance vs Opportunity
How does this compare to apps like Enpass or 1Password in terms of usability, price, privacy and security?
@ramkumarhq · Researching about the 'Startups'
@hellishpm - Great product, tried it and now removed it. I'm very certain that I'll use it again soon. The reason for my removal is the lack of "Import" options from other password managers. I'm using "Dashlane" -- it's my favorite. If you could add a better option to import passwords (at least as CSV files).It will be great for many of the users. Keep up … See more