Autotrack by Mixpanel

Collect everything and track anything retroactively

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Aha. Mixpanel figured out that Heap was eating their lunch and decided to build the same tech. Good call.
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@fletchrichman Heap really isn't. Lager companies aren't using Heap. There are other competitors they should be much more worried about.
@brackin @fletchrichman I'm not sure how you're defining "larger companies", but you can see a list of Heap customers at and decide for yourself whether these companies are significant or not.
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@matinm1 @brackin seems like some pretty big players :)
@brackin @fletchrichman Zendesk and Twilio are not large companies. LUL.
TLDR; Mixpanel decided they wanted to be Heap.
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Hey. I have been using Heap a lot lately and very happy with it, since it allows me to be very autonomous with product analyses. Good to see some competition. How does pricing work with Autotrack? How do you count data points in that case?
@the_minh for autotrack events, we only charge once you enable them for analysis (see
Sounds awesome guys! How would I go about enabling this on an existing MIxpanel project that gets it's data through
@harzzn @nihar_bhupalam I'm curious about this too
@harzzn You're actually good to go! The Mixpanel SDK is on your site via Segment, so you can enable Autotrack in your Mixpanel project settings ( ), then hit "Set Up Tracking". Furthermore, please note that Autotracked events will send directly to Mixpanel rather than routing through Segment / your other downstream integrations, since you're using a Mixpanel-native method and not Segment's `analytics.track()` methods. I haven't personally tested Autotrack-via-Segment on a production site yet, but the above should be accurate. Please let us know at if you have any trouble :)
OMG! I love this feature seriously. Made my day. Will make my life 10x easier.