A collection of post-mortems & lessons from failed startups

#5 Product of the WeekJune 07, 2015
Over 2000 failed company submissions covering founder stories and company failure analysis. To continue helping the startup ecosystem, submit your autopsy today:
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This is the best thing ever. :) P.S. Pretty sure you can collect more, though. There have been huge curations of post-mortems, even @rrhoover had one.
@v4violetta is this on PH? We searched for post-mortems and added as many as we could find. If you could link me to any more that would be great :-)
Thanks for creating and sharing. Some sobering reading here. There's so much time, money, blood, sweat and tears that has gone into these companies. The stories need to be heard. Some stories really draw you in, like the one from Chris Poole writing about Canvas/DrawQuest... "...In the past year it’s been downloaded more than 1.4 million times, and is currently used by about 25,000 people a day, and 400,000 last month alone. Retention and engagement are great. And yet we still failed." How can you not want to read more and ask yourself 'why?'
Good work, great reads and the name is awesome : )
This is a great idea, there is nothing better than to learn from others to avoid making the same mistake.
Great resource! Can you enable sort by date please?
@stinhambo sure, we'll look at adding that.