AutoGram by Headliner

Podcast video clips automatically delivered to your inbox

AutoGram by Headliner takes the time & guess work out of promoting your podcast on social media by selecting a clip from your episode, automatically turning it into a Headliner clip (aka audiogram) and delivering a complete podcast video to your inbox
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What is up PHers 👐 After talking to many a podcaster - you might have been one of them - about how they promote their new episodes we noticed a trend... everyone knew they needed to do more, they even wanted to do more but TIME. Not enough time. We get it. Team Headliner🔥 created AutoGram to solve this promotion problem. By automatically selecting a clip from your new episode, turning it into a social media ready video clip, and delivering it to your inbox we allow you to keep your time and promote your new episodes in the most engaging way, with video. Updates coming soon: 🎨 Use your own templates 🎞Full episode videos 🎉 Auto share to social media Look forward to hearing your feedback...
Lachlan Kirkwood
Helping Makers Look Better 👕
Have been using the product in beta over the past few weeks and have found pretty useful 👍 I'm under the impression that it classifies audio with the most noise and generates a AudioGram from that snippet. I did find that this lead to the model catching the end of conversions (often when guests would laugh), then would continue playing the beginning of a new conversation to fill the remaining video. All-in-all, Headliner's a must-use tool for podcast creators, and I'm stoked to see this tool streamline the process of creating engaging content.
Nabeel AzeezFounder, Dropkick Copy
HEADLINER has been a total game changer in my business and the work we do for our clients. When it comes to content marketing, speed is everything. And Headliner allows us to create and push out social media content FAST.
János Július GyörkeHost of The Power Of Your Voice Podcast
I love what you guys are doing. The audiograms are an excellent way to promote our podcasts on social media platforms.
Arlina AllenPodcaster & Writer
How does it know what clip to use?
@arlina_allen exactly what I'm thinking of too. If it's just a clip and not the entire episode.
@arlina_allen @florante_valdez1 We looked at data we had from audio clipping and applied it here to select a "random" clip. Honestly, it's not perfect 100% of the time but we are working on a few ways to make the clip selection more intelligent.
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