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Nice hunt. I've been looking for a tool to manage research & insights. Would be great if this had features for roadmaps. However, $259/mo is really steep.
@jbschaff Hey Jared, thanks! I appreciate the feedback about the price too. Just to comment on it, one of the factors in our price was absolutely that we wanted to keep Aurelius unlimited users and unlimited projects. Regarding roadmaps, we're actually already thinking about that in Aurelius! Thanks again for taking a look!
@jbschaff by the way, we're offering a 10% discount exclusively for Product Hunt! (code: "producthunt" at checkout)
@zacknaylor nice! thanks for thinking of the PH community 🐱
@jbschaff Hey Jared, we actually just updated our pricing and plans. You should check them out!
We are offering an exclusive discount for Product Hunt! For the next month, get 10% a 1 year license of Aurelius. Use code: "producthunt" at checkout. Thank you all!
I like how this app handles the squishy data that doesn't fit anywhere formal (yet). But the price is unfortunate.
@kkdub We recently updated our pricing and plans. Take a look and let us know what you think?