Aura 2.0

Spotify for mindfulness meditations - for any mood 😊

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Hi everyone, Excited to be here again! This is Steve, co-founder of Aura. Aura is an audio streaming platform for digital health & wellness content (currently focused on mindfulness). You can share your mood with Aura and receive the best guided meditation, starting with just three minutes. If you love the teacher, you can subscribe to the channel and your feed will show its latest meditations & teachers' stories behind them. Aura 2.0 also features a mindfulness community where you can share experiences and converse freely with other users as well as meditation teachers. In February, we were voted #1 New Apps We Love by Apple (Android is catching up) and we have been iterating fast to announce 2.0 today. Thanks for checking out Aura, and here all day for any questions!
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While Headspace can be considered the Goliath of meditation apps, it's going to be increasingly vital for the emergence of others like Aura so mediation can ultimately appeal to everyone, no matter their taste.
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@kleinkleinklein Exactly our hope, thanks Matt!
@kleinkleinklein Thanks for the kind words Matt!
I will definitely have to take a dive into this app! Looks very promising! :)
@itsmidnightyo appreciate it!
@itsmidnightyo Thank you, cant wait for you to try it!
Heads up: I was a little confused when the screenshots referred to Alexa. I spent more time wondering how Alexa was running on an Apple Watch than I did looking at the app itself. I would guess I'm not the only one.
@iammarcthomas thanks for letting us know, will make changes!
@iammarcthomas Thanks Marc! Appreciate the feedback
This is very nice!
@afchavezt Thanks Felipe!