Audit by ProfitWell

Free tool to audit subscription sales

ProfitWell Audit gives you complete transparency into your finances. Click on any metric and drill down into the customers that make it up.

See a spike in sales/churn? Just click on it. Ensure revenue you book aligns with customer activity (and prove that we’re 100% accurate).

Free for Stripe, Braintree, Recurly, Chargebee, and Zuora.

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ProfitWell which is a completely free product for your subscription / SaaS metrics just got better. You can now audit down to individual customers and find out exactly why revenue is up, churn is down and many more key questions about your subscription finances. This is a super useful feature for when you need to get accurate revenue accounting!
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@hnshah thanks for the love Hiten! Just wait until you see what we're cooking up next. You won't have *mix*ed feelings when you see the *panel* of our new features. In fact, you may want to *kiss* our *metrics* when you see how they connect beautifully with all the financial data in your business. :)
@patticus clever Patticus. I see what you did there 😉
@idealexit Not sure if I was trying to be subtle, but just a little work to get the answer. :)
@patticus can't wait!
It's no secret that I *love* ProfitWell and the awesome team. It's always been easy to use, it's always given us visibility into our data. But after using Audit for a month, metric visibility's been insane. So easy to find out who's signing up, what's contributing to our growth, and how to squish that pesky churn.
@jakeapeters Yes, what he said! 👆
@jakeapeters @mdekuijper Thanks for the love guys! We want to make sure you're equipped with all the data so you can focus on the stuff that matters the most - building great products for your customers.
@jakeapeters squash the churn! :) 🙏
Hey Everyone - Patrick here (Founder of ProfitWell). This is one of those features that takes an *extraordinary* amount of work to make this look easy and simple. You'll notice a couple of pieces from that labor: 1. The UI is unobtrusive to the rest of the ProfitWell experience and you can click on literally any number. 2. When you click on that number, the resulting custom data lines up perfectly with the values in the dashboard. In Stripe alone there are 1k+ edge cases to account for to ensure any Stripe users is completely accurate 3. The _speed_ of the action is not instant, but pretty damn fast The simplicity took a ton of work and what's great is we can now let you see our accuracy for yourself, as well as dig deeper on any metric anomalies. I'll be on PH along with some of the rest of the crew all day, so feel free to ask some questions or give us some feedback. We're always looking to get better. :)
@patticus I actually love 2). Favorite bit about the whole thing—I click a number, I get a breakdown of some other numbers, that actually add up *correctly* to that first number. That's definitely not a given with payments! 🙈 You guys have done a great job of building the trust there.
@jakeapeters Exactly what we're going for - amazing. :) You have no idea how many iterations we did to get to that "trust" feeling. Definitely more we can do, but pumped for this feedback
the product velocity from the profitwell team is extremely impressive. they're bringing a fresh perspective to the metrics / accounting / finance space.
@smalter Thanks, Walter! Anticipating this velocity will be increasing even further. Some awesome stuff cooking in the lab, so get excited. :)

I am big fan of chartmogul and baremetrics but this one looks really promising by its look and feel and ease of use. You can fix goals of growth day by day and you get a daily reporting by email about the performances.

A lot more feature to analyse churn, new MRR more precisely.

Also I love the fact that its free and forever ! (which can totally change the game)


Clear interface | Free forever | We can fix goals


Would love a better API