Add AirPlay support to your Sonos speakers

AudioBridge adds AirPlay support to your Sonos speakers with an easy-to-use Mac menu bar app.

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Bought! It's running on my home mac server. Be aware: you need to run it on a Mac in order to work. So if you have a server or a computer running at all times, this is amazing!
I.... this is literally amazing. Thank you.
@nickabouzeid I was just looking for this yesterday! 🤗🤗🤗

Extremely simple to set up and appears to "just work". Hopefully Apple won't break it with changes to the AirPlay protocol down the road!


I can finally send music to my Sonos speaker via AirPlay!


I wish this were built into Airfoil!

+1 on the Airfoil comment! Speaking of which, I experience a delay when I tell Airfoil to stream to the AudioBridge's speaker + all the other Airplay native speakers in the house. I tried fiddling with Airfoil's advanced settings and I just couldn't get the timing right. It never seemed to catch up. Did you have the same issue? How did you solve it?

While I bought the product immediately, it is more to support the author to improve the product. I listen to my Sonos a lot but I don't necessarily keep my MacBook Pro on all the time. That dependency needs to go. I do hope this continues to work. Apple is quick to change protocols and kill interesting products like this.


It provides a simple method for Airplay to Sonos


A Windows version or better still something that can run on a router or the Sonos Bridge.

Hi Kishore, thanks for the feedback! If you are technically inclined and have a bit of patience, I recommend running AirConnect ( It's a headless service that runs on multiple platforms including Linux, and can be installed on a Raspberry Pi or some routers. AudioBridge is meant to be a click-and-forget option for people not running Linux or who don't want to fiddle with a command line service. Sonos is working on adding AirPlay 2 support in 2018 so hopefully that provides an even easier option, although it's possible it will only be supported on newer speakers.
Looks promising, of course, the problem is one does need to leave the Mac on for this to work. Setup is simple and it works right out of the box. A slightly longer than 10 minutes trial would be great.