Lead Gen and Analytics for your presentations and pdfs

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Thanks for hunting us Jimmy! This is a bit premature as we're still in beta but I'm happy to answer any questions. We built Attach to help sales people and startups find out who is engaging with their presentations, proposals and other high-value documents. It helps you identify who is interested, understand what they're interested in, and by knowing as soon as they access your deck - you can follow up at the right moment. During beta it's been used by sales teams to send their presentations and proposals, startups to send their pitch decks, and marketers to send white papers and brochures. P.S. It's an open beta so if you signup you'll get access straight away
@ryangum Just tried it now. I haven't used the actual product yet, but the onboarding was awesome - you really communicate the value. Well done!
@niklas_a Thanks Niklas. We're still working at perfecting our onboarding (is it ever done?) but nice to hear we're making progress.
@ryangum hey man! Sorry to blow up your plans!!! I figured you guys were around for a while, the product does not feel like one that is in BETA. Really well done!
I've tried Attach a few weeks ago in beta. That's such a great product. It does exactly what you would expect of this kind of solution. A feature I really enjoyed is to be able to actually see what pages caught the attention of my recipients (what pages they are spending time on). Perfect to fine tune a presentation. Good job @ryangum and the team.
Simple, slick interface that makes the process of tracking presentations and PDFs really easy. H/T to the folks at for introducing me to this
@jimmymackin thanks Jimmy. I run both Attach and, so I'm glad you're enjoying both!
Big fan of Attach, strong team and love the problem they are solving.
Awesome product by an awesome team. Impressed with the polish of their beta product. Well done @ryangum