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Matt RongeMaker@mronge · Cofounder Astro HQ
Astropad Studio is our new, flagship edition of Astropad. Over the past two years, we’ve learned a ton about what professional creatives are looking for from a graphics tablet. We’ve taken that feedback and built Astropad Studio to go beyond a traditional graphics tablet. Check out our demo video:
We also invented a new interaction method we call Magic Gestures, check it out:
Let us know what you think! Happy to answer any questions.
Paul Prins@paulprins · Founder - Fresh Vine
@mronge killer videos, and a really impressive step forward from astropad into studio. Super stoked for you and your team.
Vincent Rijnbeek@rijnbeek · Developer/Founder
@mronge So this will be a continuously developed product as with a CC subscription? Going to give it a try today.
Matt RongeMaker@mronge · Cofounder Astro HQ
@rijnbeek yes absolutely, we will be delivering an update every month.
Vincent Rijnbeek@rijnbeek · Developer/Founder
@mronge So could you give me an example of what to expect?
Matt RongeMaker@mronge · Cofounder Astro HQ
@rijnbeek Sure, two updates we have planned are custom pressure curves and a stroke stabilization
Kevin Guebert@kevinguebert · Working on
Wow, great videos to help showcase the product. The magic gestures look 👌👌. Congrats on the launch!
Clayton Parker@unclejessy4real · ProdManager|Youtuber|FashionTech|3DPrint
Loving the hell out of Astropad and this studio update! I was honestly questioning my iPad Pro before Astropad