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Artisfy is a project management solution for professional digital illustrators

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We've had success with the adorably named and 500 Startups-backed startup, ArtCorgi.
@rrhoover Nice! And tip the hat to the name as well.
Oh hi Product Hunt! Founder here. If you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them. I'm looking for more freelance artists to feature on the site right now, so if you know of one please put them in touch. I started Artisfy almost 2 years ago, after leaving a startup job. I recently got more time to work on it, after leaving a different startup. The plan for the next few months is to work on Artisfy full time until I have to resume work. I want to make it the best site to find freelance artists. I want to make requesters feel like they're getting a great deal, while also paying artists well and giving them ample time to complete projects.
Great marketplace to find an illustrator for your projects.
Nice find. Can they design my logo for free? It will be good for their portfolio ๐Ÿ˜‰
Love this. My fiance who is an illustrator artist finds it hard to find online opportunities to get projects - I see a link to sign up, so you need few existing artworks done by artists to showcase to start with? Could you please explain a bit on artist signup process?
@bharathkeshav As an artist, you can sign up for an account and link to your portfolio. If your portfolio looks good, I'll approve your account and you can get started. Very soon I'll have a way to import projects you've already finished so you can show off existing work. Right now, people can just browse through your portfolio.