Artboard Studio is the best solution for mockups and marketing designs, now you can create animations too. You can import videos, move objects around with keyframes and export your videos as MP4, MOV, GIF or WEBM.
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25 Reviews4.8/5
How do you guys manage to nail it at every feature, every update, everything you do? Huge fan here. Big kudos on release! 👏👏
@akemal I think the answer is passion :)
An incredible Techstars company too :)
@sunil_extreme we are so lucky and proud of being a Techstars family member
Great stuff! Its looks like Adobe After Effects in your browser with better UX!
@slawek10007 thanks for your kind words, this is just the beginning, we are working hard to make every designer's lives easier
Love Artboard studio and their continuous product development. I don't use it as much often as I should, but each time I use it - i'm blown away :) Keep up the great work guys!
This is really promising! I suggest adding an option to export directly to youtube / vimeo