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Napoleon Martinez
@nap_martin · Designer, Neon Roots
Hey everyone, I was the interaction design lead on Arbor. As Ben mentioned below, we'll be posting examples of use cases shortly.


Sasha Radoslavov
Place cases of use on main page, guys. It's hard to understand what your product about.
Ryan Browne
@topshelfinc · Founder + CEO, TopShelf, Inc.
This is exactly the type of tool I have been looking for. Trello can only go so far for project management. Feedback: I tried creating a new project on mobile and it would not allow me to. I'll try on my desktop later.
Peyton Hayslette
@peytonhayslette · Product Manager, LendingTree
Thinking of bringing this to Jira?
@wlaurance · operator, dubsoft
Looks cool Ben! One idea: For me I'd love to see a video or short gifs of how the product features work before committing with my sign up info to try it.
Marina Tassi
@marinaaat · Product Management Intern
Really cool product. Especially the cost and point tracking. I added a pretty horrendous chrome plug in to do that for me on Trello and it hasn't been working out. Maybe I'll give this a try. My one piece of feedback is to add alternative view for the backlog. The list can be useful for understanding point distribution and comparing stories, but grids are … See more