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#1 Product of the DayAugust 20, 2016
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Place cases of use on main page, guys. It's hard to understand what your product about.
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@sasha_radoslavov totally. We'll be posting up some stuff here shortly! For everyone else, I'm the CEO of Neon Roots and visionary behind Arbor. We've been dogfooding this tool internally for a few years now as its been a critical part of all of our roadmapping and discovery sessions with our clients. We decided to unleash this to the public for free. No tiered pricing, no hidden costs, no gimmicks. Unlimited backlogs for life. Hope the community enjoys. Look forward to a lot of feedback. Good stuff!
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@benleenr sounds interesting! Where can I read about this technique?
@sasha_radoslavov yo sasha! Dropping some handy resources for you and the PH community to check out:
@benleenr cool! Thank you, Ben!
@sasha_radoslavov @benleenr Hey everyone, here's an example of a backlog exported as a pdf. It's based a bit off Uber. :)
This is exactly the type of tool I have been looking for. Trello can only go so far for project management. Feedback: I tried creating a new project on mobile and it would not allow me to. I'll try on my desktop later.
@topshelfinc so awesome, thank Ryan! Yep, that mobile fix is in next release. Caught it earlier. Cheers!
@benleenr this is an amazing product! Adding another vote to project adds on mobile. Can't add a new project on iPad Pro. Assuming this takes off, an app would be excellent as well. Keep up the good work!
@brandonelwood So awesome, thank you Brandon. Yup, mobile fixes on the way. We've loaded up most of responsive styles stuff for next sprint. We'll keep you posted. An App is absolutely in the product roadmap! Thank you for all the love!
Thinking of bringing this to Jira?
@peytonhayslette its in the backlog. We have gotten numerous requests for Jira integration. Thank you for the feedback!
@benleenr @peytonhayslette Awesome, good to hear. Also - I'd love to see in addition to JIRA. Thanks for the tool...
Looks cool Ben! One idea: For me I'd love to see a video or short gifs of how the product features work before committing with my sign up info to try it.
@wlaurance heya Will! Thanks! Yeah, we actually have a few GIFs in the media section and we'll be posting more.
@benleenr thanks! I like how cost is there. I know that will help a lot of people cut down scope 💸
@wlaurance exactly! We literally are able to size, scope, and price projects in real time. Clients love that! Totally configurable too if you are charging time and materials, weekly sprint rates, etc!
@wlaurance here's the Dropbox with some videos and use cases!
Really cool product. Especially the cost and point tracking. I added a pretty horrendous chrome plug in to do that for me on Trello and it hasn't been working out. Maybe I'll give this a try. My one piece of feedback is to add alternative view for the backlog. The list can be useful for understanding point distribution and comparing stories, but grids are easily digestible when trying to get an overview of the project.
@marinaaat Amazing, so good Marina! Totally agree with you on grids. I hear ya. In the backlog it goes. More soon!