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New way for businesses to connect with customers directly

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Apple takes on Intercom and bot-support-space? Coverage from TechCrunch here
@bentossell more like Apple taking on SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE and the rest. We've seen many of the messaging channels open up to businesses over the last few years so that these businesses can interact with their customers via a messaging channel that's always on and convenient. As the one communication channel that is enabled on almost every iOS device in the world - businesses are going to rush to be present on this channel. It's almost as universal as having a phone number! We're watching this really closely at and will likely build against this so that applications and bots built on our API can be instantly deployed to this channel without any code changes.
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@bentossell very interesting move by Apple.. will like to see how this progresses
@bentossell Except their "walled garden" will come back to bite them here. Why would a business elect to use this when it's restricted to Apple devices only? That alienates about 80%+ of the global smartphone market. Platforms, like WeChat, Messenger, Whatsapp, etc. are device agnostic and *should* be the clear choice for businesses. We shall see more on Friday...
@ryabrams Wouldn't this come down to the end scope of the API? If the API lets the experience be handled by the business via their existing customer service dashboard, then it's a seamless experience for both customer and company, no?
@danielpdykes You are 100% right. If they open an API for it than yes, I don't see a reason why not to use it. I guess we will learn more on Friday 😀
Did not expect this kind of product from Apple. Curious what the thinking was...
I'm really curious how this plays out. Hopefully it means we can start using bots with iMessage, but lets see what happens Friday!
@ernstmul what happens on Friday?
@thinker the introduction of the feature in more detail is on Friday during the WWDC, see the website link => "Streaming live from WWDC on June 9 at 10 a.m. PDT"
@ernstmul I'm guessing this will eventually lead to their own bot protocol, similar to what Facebook has introduced for Messenger. Why go third-party if you can go straight through a native app?
@miketempleton Yes exactly! It would be a great addition to the chatbot world since imo Messenger is terrible, and Telegram isn't widely spread. So would be cheering for iMessage bot support!
So glad the Cell signal bars are back and the Dots are history!!!!
Hmmm iMessage coming to Android I think, it only makes money sense to do so with this business app.