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Apple's very own iTunes Connect App Analytics

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I just got access. I'm impressed with the amount of data they provide, especially the usage and retention data. Being able to track conversion and retention by source (e.g. vs. a tech publication's announcement) is very helpful and may change the way people approach PR for mobile app launches. Here are some screenshots:
@rrhoover I like the way you censor!
@rrhoover omg getting organic web referral sources. WANT :)
It's about time (although if Apple's Testflight is any indication, this is going to be disappointing) EDIT: After getting access, my initial impression is pretty positive. Looks nice, pretty smooth, lots of metrics.
@shimmb TF was disappointing at first after they ditched the old methods, but I think they have made things simpler in the long run. The 1st submission before internal releasing is a bit annoying, but over all I've been a fan. I'm hopeful for this, but there's essentially an endless amount of data you could want to look at so there's bound to be some people disappointed with what they release
@kristofertm There's still a lot of bugs in TF (e.g. sometimes invites don't send, apps get stuck processing, etc), and they have made the process unnecessarily complicated by requiring that you open the invite link from the iOS Mail app, and apps must go through beta review but the approval only lasts 30 days.
Logged in and tested. Very beta atm. I do appreciate "App Store" views and the visually appealing dashboard.
This beta release from Apple is very encouraging. The transparency that we got used on the web completely disappeared on mobile and we had to use many (expensive) tools like Adjust,, etc. to get only approximate attribution and store listing conversion metrics. Besides the vanilla analytics (conversion, retention, etc.) we finally get: 1. Traffic breakdown to the App Store. 2. Conversion of the listing per channel. 3. Campaign tracking: generating referral links with tracking of conversion and usage. It's a new day!
Will be nice to see more insight into what's happening with your app through Apple. It's a bit nutty that developers have to depend on Flurry, App Annie, AppsFlyer, and tons of others to get good data