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If only IFTTT could draw from iOS Phone calls as triggers to create a phone call logging Applet to Calendar.
@chuckkahn that's a sweet idea! We haven't looked into the specific endpoints that would be required for that type of trigger in a while. I'll pass along to our mobile engineering team and see if we can queue up that improvement. 🙌
I tried IFTTT's integrations with iOS about 3 months ago and it seems like IFTTT can't actually start in the background so I had to start it any time my phone would restart in order to have it begin doing it's magic. Is this still the case? I'd love to use it but need it to be reliable.
@arlogilbert Background work on iOS is a tricky beast, but we do our best. We've found that the most reliable way for the app to wake up in the background is what we call "Location-assist syncing", which uses (low-battery) Location Services APIs to wake up the app whenever you arrive at or leave an area. You can turn on location-assist in the app's Sync Options. We also do a sync whenever a geofence established by a Location Applet is crossed.
@maxmeyers thats super creative. Another option that is very poorly documented but keeps your app persistently running is to register it as a VoIP application. iOS will then start it at system start and restart it if it crashes. We've never seen them evaluate whether you are truly a VoIP provider or not. If a location assist sync wakes the app up do you pull in events that happened since it was last opened? Or are do you start listening fresh from wake?
@arlogilbert That's awesome to know - I know VoIP silent notifications are considered very high priority by the system. We keep a state of all the events that we've seen since the last event and use just those to run triggers. That keeps things pretty consistent and reliable, but it does mean there can be some delay, which is probably the single biggest complaint about the triggers. Earlier this year though, we added a prompt for users with those triggers to turn on location assist and since then we've seen the median delay decrease by about 85% on those triggers.