We built a complete dashboard for handling all of your app reviews:

* Monitor reviews with email and Slack alerts

* Analyze new reviews with filters and keyword search

* Reply to reviews directly and quickly

Tom Ortega
  • Tom Ortega
    Tom OrtegaPrincipal, Omega Ortega

    Great Service; Easy to Use; Personalable Support


    I can't use it to track my non Appstore apps! LOL

    If you have apps in the AppStore, this is a must have product. Hands down.

    Tom Ortega has used this product for one year.
I've been using your service for almost a year now and it's been amazing! My only critique would be your iPhone app which is lacking some of the features of your site.
@leonardrockstar Glad you like it Leonard! We’ve got a few updates coming to the app that will bring more reports and functionality.
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