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#2 Product of the DayMarch 08, 2014
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Just stumbled across this. There are several beautiful apps here. It's similar to UX Archive ( and @williamchanner's Panda (
Awesome. Wish there was an email sign-up or other way to keep up with updates (besides RSS).
@malaparte - I like the idea of a weekly digest of design inspiration, delivered to your inbox. Rarely will I remember to visit a site like this.
Probing question: are any of these designed well for visually-impaired people? Or children? Or middle managers? Doesn't target audience matter when talking about "well-designed", functional applications?
@munsonbh - you're touching on a topic @padday brought up a few months ago in his piece, The Dribbblisation of Design ( Context and the "why" is obviously important but often missing in "design porn" sites like this. Which is fine IMHO, as long as the viewer recognizes this.