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Hi guys, Mada here, one of the founders of Branch. While it may sound simple, we think that the future of app discovery is in your app’s content. Your unique collection of content — whether news stories, songs, recipes, photos, or more — is what users are actually looking for. As app developers ourselves, we struggled to understand what content is driving the virality of our app. We used deep links to build Content Analytics, giving access to our partners to content-specific data on views, shares, clicks, installs and opens. You can now identify which content engages users and optimize your campaigns. We already saw 50% decrease in UA costs for our partners that used high converting content in their ads vs generic app install ads. Currently, our Content Analytics dashboard provides insights about content during a specified date range. Using this information, you can promote the content that’s proven to drive installs and generate new content based on what’s performing best for improved engagement. Let us know what you think about this new feature! Like all Branch products, Content Analytics is completely free and available to partners that use our latest iOS and Android SDK for deep linking to content.
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@mada299 This is really great stuff! Are the analytics real time? I find that to be the biggest issue with Apple Analytics. I have to wait until the next day to find out how many downloads.
@nobelchang @mada299 Hi Nobel, Branch install data by link is real time. For content analytics, data for the content already in your dashboard will update on an hourly basis. We'll also be scanning for new top content on a once-per-day basis at midnight Pacific Time, which is when new top content will be made available in the Content Analytics report. Hope this helps!
@mada299 Very awesome! Can't wait to play with it more. Brilliant tool for startups like mine!
@nobelchang Thanks Nobel :)
@mada299 Great work Mada. I am already using few Branch features and found them incredibly useful. Also the support is very efficient. Content analytics seems to be one of the most important feature to be used in in coming time. Kudos to the TEAM :)
This is an insanely amazing analytics and marketing tool for app-only products and organizations!
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Content is king, now on mobile.
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Damn branch is getting better day by day.! A must in every growth focused mobile developer's toolkit.! :)
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Love this. Heylets is built on people discovering experiences and something that helps people find us through our content like this is great.