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Hey guys, We've just launched Any Intern today. Hoping to make it much easier for the younger product hunters to make strides in the tech world :)
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@rossodono this is awesome. I'm publishing a book about internships in Feb 2016, love to feature this. Can you email or tweet me pls?
@rossodono I'm currently in a tech internship and finding it was definitely not easy. It was through Indeed and even though Indeed is nice it's not always the best for tech focused internships. What are you guys doing to find the internships? Just mining other sites for them or are you reaching out to companies?
@alejandroermin we are doing both at the moment. Obviously we want the end user to have as many options as possible so that involve mining sites and collecting from companies.
@rossodono - what is the biggest issue facing internships in the tech world today? Can you tell us the most common piece of feedback you've received?
@bentossell we have found that the unlikely question is whether they should do a short internship or not. We are in the middle of surveying many experts on whether an internship is valid in the current climate. The results so far suggest that any experience (paid or unpaid) is a big help.
@rossodono yeah I'm a big believer in doing as much as you can to get real experience... there are many ways to gain that though. As I demonstrated by getting my job at PH and the process I took
Does it mark whether or not they're paid? (Hoping they're all paid)
@scottruona agreed it needs to have some basic filters and also highlight paid internships above free ones
@scottruona your right scott. We are working on providing a paid/unpaid filter
@scottruona Unpaid internships are a bit of a touchy subject at the momen. Personally i think we will list both of them and let the web user decide what they want to do.
a feedback mechanism for current or past interns would be nice, though not sure it fits into the aggregation
@passingnotes I think thats a great idea. I will look into this. Maybe a forum/chat function might be similar
@rossodono that could be cool, then hashtag to link to any related listings for the company, since they will presumably change all of the time