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A whiteboard video making tool with 10,000+ drawings đź–Š

Whiteboard Animation Software that helps to create 5 different styles of whiteboard videos. Including Stitchboard, Glassboard, Notepad and Blackboard with 10,000+ drawings. We can create Social Videos, Explainer Videos, vertical Videos & Sketch presentations.

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Hey Hunters! Raghav here and I'd love to answer your questions. Our journey started just a few years back: We've hit 1 million users ever since and the ride has been nothing short of pure adventure. A lot of that credit goes to the sudden boost given to us by Product Hunters! :) We love doing things different: The Video Infographic App and the Vertical Video app has really helped us differentiate. Some time ago, I was watching a book review on Youtube. It was a Whiteboard animation video. That's when it struck me: Why should whiteboard videos be white again? After all, everyone is looking to stand out from the trend. So we came up with Chalkboard, Greenboard, Glasssboard, Stitchboard and the classic Whiteboard. You can use over 10,000+ animation elements and also mix it up with 2D animation, Handcrafts and Video Infographics! It's also future ready: Optimize your videos for mobile by using the world's first vertical whiteboard video maker! :D

5 style variants packed into one, Animaker’s Vertical Whiteboard Video maker, is the only DIY visual content creation platform that is mobile optimized and future ready. These variants empower different user segments as elaborated below:

Notepad: Actual notepads are used in corporate meetings by team members who take notes on what is being discussed and to list action items. More often than not, one team member is asked to take notes and share the “minutes of the meeting” with the team. Why take notes on a paper notepad. Why not, create a “Notepad” video on Animaker, out of the “minutes of meeting”.

Glassboard: Glass Boards that allow for writing using marker pens are prevalent in workplaces. It is convenient for someone addressing a meeting within a cubicle or a meeting room with a Glass enclosure to use the Glassboard to write or draw meeting notes. At the end of session, someone takes notes or snaps a photo of the notes and shares it with the team. An alternate and professional way to do this would be to use Animaker’s Glassboard and create a video out of what was presented.

Blackboard: Majority use of a physical Blackboard happens in a classroom environment. What if the teacher uses the content portrayed on a physical Blackboard, to create “Blackboard” videos on Animaker share the video as “Class notes”.

Stitchboard: We are seeing the renaissance of cross stitching messages. Two instances to illustrate the trend:

1. US Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton used “Cross Stitching” to promote her 2016 campaign. Her campaign invited patrons to download a campaign cross-stitch pattern, or purchase a cross-stitch-style throw pillow with the slogan “A woman’s place is in the White House.” The DIY pattern features Mrs. Clinton’s arrow-through-the-H logo and the line “Girls just wanna have fun-damental rights.”

2. Gone are the days when Stitching used to be a thing only for cookie-baking grandmas. Now, stitching patterns are trending even on tattoos. Turkish artist Eva Krbdk creates stunning tattoos that resemble the look of cross-stitch.

Millennials simply love it! So why not stitch videos? We have married the concept of the Whiteboard with the aesthetics of stitching. Remember, a stitch in time, paves the way for virality!

Whiteboard: Whiteboard video cuts through the noise and communicates a story in a compelling manner. In 2007, UPS created nine 30 second Whiteboard videos. These went viral and almost single-handedly kickstarted the Whiteboard video craze that’s still going on today.


5 style variants packed into one, Animaker’s Vertical Whiteboard Video maker, is the only tool of its kind that is mobile optimized.


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Legal note: Don't use the free version for commercial purposes. It's a breach of contract.
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Hey hunters! Lot of blood n sweat behind this app. I really hope you guys will love it! Don't forget to give your awesome feedback! :D
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